Thursday, December 15, 2011

Male Pubic Hair Designs

Now I want to talk about something that I can relate to: male pubic hair designs. I have been styling my pubic hair for a little more than 4 years. I started when I was in high school - back then I simply shaved it all off. But as I did more research in college I started experimenting on various designs. I have mostly worked with different types of "landing strips:" from narrow and hairy to wide and trimmed. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures back then. Well that can be fixed. I am currently growing out my pubic hair in order for it to have a completely natural look and in a few weeks I will start playing with the design. This time I will take pictures to track the progress. I actually snapped a picture of my dick and pubic hair when I was feeling a bit horny. Here it is:

As you can all see, my hair is not that long yet. That is why I am still letting it grow out. But enough about me. I have found some interesting male pubic hair pictures on the web and I want to share them with you. It was much more difficult to find these pictures than it was with the ladies'. Guys just don't style their pubic hair as often as women. Oh well - more experimentation for me. Here are the pictures that I found:

I will start of with the natural look. There are many online polls that deal with pubic hair and most of the time the majority of men state that they have a natural look. All guys can relate to this one because we all had it at some point in our lives. It can get hairy at times but it is beautiful nonetheless.

Here we have a slightly trimmed natural look. Much cleaner than the picture above. Doesn't it look more sophisticated as well?

Now we have a pubic hair that is trimmed to an extremely small length. Still has some hair but it doesn't get in the way. Looks good.

An upside down V. Looks very similar to the woman's bold V. the only difference is the direction its pointing towards.

A bold horizontal strip. Surprisingly I haven't taught about changing direction of the typical landing strip. 

This one is even more trimmed. There is barely any hair left. Leaving the hair on the ball sack complements the pubic hair. 

Completely shaved pubic area and balls. Makes his dick look even larger. The simplest design of them all - well except the natural look of course.

A nice trimmed trapezoidal shape. I guess most geometric shapes are possible to achieve. 

I just had to add this one in. It is a natural look that resembles wings. I don't know what I like about wings but  it looks good.

Well that is all I have for you this time. I couldn't find any create designs from the guys like I did with the ladies. But I will keep looking and try my own. What designs have you guys tried? send pictures to or comment below.



  1. Hi. I love your blog. How are you getting on with your designs? You inspired me to have a go do I went fire the completely shaved look. I quite like it but I'll probably leave a little more on next time around. I have some pictures and I'll send them on soon.

  2. Are you still looking for more pics to post on your blog?

  3. Have you seen my email in your mailbox? I've sent a contribution...
    Shaving Brasil

  4. I have tried the geometric shapes, I did a triangle. It was kind of a challenge at first since it's my first pubic design but came out pretty good

    1. I will try to send some photos of my pubic hairs with the geometric triangle

  5. Hi guys

    I tried the large landing strip and it looks good, looks clean, tidy and something different. I love the smoothness when i shave my pubes and it is definatly an eye catcher :)


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